Feel the Power Self Defense for Women


                                                                                RELEASE AND WAIVER OF LIABILITY

I represent that I (the student) have no physical, mental or emotional illness that could impair training, or that could make the training injurious to others or myself.  While I understand that every effort will be made to make the classes and facilities as safe as possible, I realize that any physical activity has the potential for injury and that I waive any right of claim in full and forever for accidental and/or negligent damage or injury to myself or my family, including children during or arising out of the training against Feel the Power Self Defense for Women, its principals, officers, or instructors, guests, heirs and executors and MAC LLC.  I hereby acknowledge an assumption of risk by accepting and agreeing to allow myself/child to participate in the activities with Feel the Power Self Defense for Women.

I have read  this release and understand what this release means.  I indicate my voluntary acceptance of the terms of this release by signing my name below.

___________________________________________________       _______________________________________________

Participant's Signature                                                                                     Participant's Printed Name

___________________________________________________       _______________________________________________

Parent's Signature if Participant is under 18 years of age                        Parent's Printed Name



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