Feel the Power Self Defense for Women

                                                                                 SOME COMMENTS FROM OUR STUDENTS

"I have attended one other course similar to this one (one day seminar) and this one blew it away.  I was so comfortable here and did not feel self-conscious like I did at the other class.  Excellent class!  I can't think of one thing I would change."

"This class really raised by awareness a lot in regard to "watching" while out in public.  The physical component was extremely useful."

"Thank you!  This was an answer to prayer for my daughter and I."

"Thank you!  Great instructors.  They used humor and knowledge."

"Wow! I'm blown away.  I learned a lot of skills and techniques that I'm going to practice.  Instructors definitely well versed and explained everything thoroughly."

"Awesome learning experience.  I wish I could bring all my friends and family.  Great class.  Great instruction."  

"Very informative to me and opening my awareness to be knowledgeable about my safety.  The training was excellent and I encourage other women to take the class.  The entire course was well planned and developed."

"Great class.  You made the techniques very easy to learn."

"Excellent information.  I like the emphasis on mind set.  Also verified my sense of common sense."

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