Feel the Power Self Defense for Women


Are you concerned abut your personal safety or the safety of your employees? 

If you are an employer, we are available to come to your location to teach our seminar.  We have taught at several business locations, making it easier for employees to attend.

For individuals wanting to improve their personal safety, we offer classes at various locations throughout the city, with dates and times to be announced.

Our class size is limited to not more than 30 students, allowing for individual attention during our self defense segment of the seminar.

Attire for classroom 

We request that you wear comfortable clothes, such as work out clothes or sweats and tennis shoes.  Please no flip-flops, sandals or heels, for obvious safety reasons.   You will be learning basic self defense techniques which require that you are able to move quickly and easily without restrictions from clothing or footwear.

For Information

Please call 720-935-9354 or email feelthepowersdw@aol.com to schedule a class.

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